Marc Hayes – The 30 Minute Life Coach

Marc Hayes -30 Minute Life Coach


“Be the example for all those you meet. Be the high ground and the people will rise with you.” Marc Hayes

Nothing changes until you change. When you decide to make the necessary sacrifices to bring prosperity and abundance into your life, then and only then will things change for you.

You have to be willing to break away from your old habits that have not worked for your benefit. If you will not decide to commit your self to make the changes you will to grow.
You want more money? You want to better life? You want more stuff? You want to be able to help more people? You want to be able to do more for your family? Are you willing to make one 30 minute phone call to get the ball rolling?
With one 30 minute phone call you can initiate change in your life. With one 30 minute phone call you can set in motion the type of change that is a lifelong.
It is your decision you can be a leader and and a source of inspiration for everyone you meet or you can be like everyone else just using bad language, engaging in bad behaviors, wasting time and wasting their own lives.
Are you tired of wasting your life?
Do you want more from your life? Do you want to be respected and loved by the people you meet? You will have to make a change and and that change for time will be very very painful. As we grow older we become creatures of habit often times our habits are not the best. If we want positive change in our life we will have to create positive habits that will replace our old habits and move us closer to our goals of abundance respect and stability.